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Ceci n’est pas un Botto

BottoDAO’s first commissioned collection of Botto derivatives. Gifts for the early stewards of Botto.

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Asymmetrical Liberation

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Attempt Deepen

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Devolve Falter

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Slump Finality

Reject Rationality

René Magritte’s pipe demonstrates the artist’s power of will to determine what is art, to make meaning itself. A uniquely human ability.

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3141 Stewards

This is the first of many collections for contributors and admirers of Botto. These Pipes are initially reserved for the 3141 early stewards of Botto. After 7 days, remaining Pipes are claimable for any new Botto contributor.

A Key to Botto Drops

These Pipes unlock favored access to future drops, as determined by the DAO. Sell your luck to others who are true believers–or buy the luck of others who do not see.

Pipes were assigned based on which corresponding fragment you voted for the most. If there was another wallet that voted more on that particular piece, then you were assigned your next most-voted fragment. Collectors of Genesis mints prior to February 9th were assigned their corresponding pipes. Check the allowlist.
There’s backstory to all of this. Learn more about the background to Botto Pipes here.
You have until June 2nd at 11AM EST (only pay for gas) before it becomes available for someone else to buy it. After one week, pipes are mintable by anyone on a first-come, first-served basis.
All $BOTTO token holders and contributors can still expect to get access to reward drops, but the DAO can determine that holding a pipe will confer special privileges.
Proceeds from the Pipes sold after the allowlist will be directed to the treasury multisig.
To better understand each property, check out the properties page.
Tough question. Each pipe is bound to the fragment that coats it, and some fragments are viewed by the community as more valuable than the other. Rarity of your pipe can be discerned through its combination of properties.
Check out Botto’s gallery to view the collection, Ceci n’est pas un Botto.
After June 2nd at 11 am EST, any wallet with $BOTTO staked can mint a pipe for .05ETH + gas. They will be randomly assigned an unminted pipe. Not sure how to stake $BOTTO? Go to, our quickstart page.
Botto is the award-winning, decentralized autonomous artist, trained and governed by thousands of BottoDAO members. Botto has sold over $2M USD worth of artwork over the past 6 months on SuperRare. Want to learn more? Hop into the Botto Discord.